Who we are

Arcturus is the global leader in authoring, editing, and distributing volumetric videos. Founded by innovators with deep backgrounds in storytelling and technology from Netflix, Google, Pixar, Dreamworks, YouTube, Uber, and Autodesk, Arcturus was ideally suited to create “HoloSuite,” a SaaS post-production platform, offering tools for editing and distributing volumetric video.

Arcturus also helps others navigate the volumetric video ecosystem. We understand that volumetric video is still young and some clients prefer extra care and attention when exploring something new. Our team provides consulting and production work-for-hire so that our clients can focus on the big picture while we make it happen. Some of our consulting and production work includes Hulu’s Emmy nominated “Light as a Feather” Magic Leap activation and Madonna’s volumetric holograms at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards, the first-ever live broadcast of a volumetric performance and the winner of the Advanced Imaging Society Lumiere Award.

Work with us

Arcturus is the global software leader in the post-production and streaming of volumetric videos. With tools to edit, compress, and stream volumetric video at scale in today’s spatial era, Arcturus is revolutionizing the immersive content experience across a range of verticals, from viewing live sports in holographic form, experiencing photorealistic virtual performances, engaging with interactive digital human assistants, and more immersive forms of social media and e-commerce where consumers can view and interact with products in 3D. The company has offices in California, USA and Nova Scotia, Canada. We believe in mutual respect for one another and delivering best-in-class quality products and services. Arcturus strives to be a socially conscious employer by evaluating its slate of projects with social good in mind, and being responsible in how we represent persons in our works. We aim to improve the state of the industry with equitable hiring and operating practices that support people who identify as disabled, BIPOC, trans, LGBT+, or women.

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