What's new in HoloSuite

Always improving! These are HoloSuites' latest product updates

Volumetric video is becoming the medium of choice for telling human stories, but achieving high visual fidelity and smooth narratives is still a big challenge. We heard you, and we’ve added a few fun solutions in our latest HoloSuite update.

Advanced storytelling capabilities

We’ve laid the groundwork for volumetric video to tell some incredible stories in 2023. Our new beta feature, Blend, enables seamless storytelling and branching narratives. Users can create smooth transitions between clips by blending the mesh and texture from one clip to the start of another, or to itself for a continuous looped motion. Ideal for virtual production studios looking to create continuous character movement on an LED wall. 

New streamlined workflows

Based on user feedback we’ve re-examined our workflows to enable easier integration of volumetric video into game engines. We’re thrilled to announce new support for Unreal Engine 5 as well as greater playback control in Unity; thanks to a new exposed panel with play, pause and seek functions.

You can also now smoothly import data directly from 4DViews into HoloEdit thanks to new native 4DS file support.

Enhanced relighting 

Effective relighting in game engines requires a volumetric capture with a great set of normals. Our new feature, Generate Normals, smooths surrounding noise to allow for better relighting in Unity or Unreal. 

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