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How video will evolve this year and beyond

September 20, 2023

The next evolution of video will disrupt the 2D format we’ve long taken as standard.

We’ve seen pixel counts grow and streaming technologies improve, but these are incremental steps in comparison to the immersive future we’re beginning to tap into. And volumetric video is key to getting us there. Hurdles remain, notably the expensive and limited hardware. But the technology is available and growing, and as consumers begin to experience its value, we’ll see more and more companies gravitating towards the medium. And that might happen sooner than you’d expect, with Hollywood productions, famous musicians and household brands already taking advantage of volumetric content. Arcturus was featured in Digital Media World to discuss what the future of video will look like, and how this new wave of content will challenge what we know to be possible.

Read the article now in [Digital Media World]( 2022-ncam-digital-domain-and-arcturus).