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HoloSuite Player 2022.2 Documentation

The HoloSuite Players allow you to play volumetric content exported from HoloEdit in Unity, Unreal, and the WebPlayer.

Playback Types

Depending on your use case, we offer both local and streaming playback.

Local Playback

Local playback stores the files on device. For this type of playback you will need an OMS (Open Mesh Sequence) file for the meshes and an MP4 or PNG image sequence for textures. This type of playback is supported in Unity and Unreal.

Streaming Playback

The HoloSuite Player supports streaming volumetric content. This type of content is referred to as a HoloStream. HoloStream dynamically streams volumetric content from our servers, adjusting the quality of playback to match the bandwidth avaliable. HoloStreams are uploaded directly from HoloEdit and can be accessed with a .mpd URL. This type of content is supported in Unity and the WebPlayer. For more information on HoloStreams check out our HoloStream docs.


The Unity HoloSuite Player plugin allows for OMS and HoloStream playback in Unity. This plugin also comes with a variety of samples showing how the HoloSuite Player can be configured for various use cases. The HoloSuite Player supports all of Unity’s render engines (Built-in, URP, HDRP). The Unity HoloSuite Player comes with various extensions to expand it’s capabilities. The HoloSuite Player for Unity officially supports Unity 2019, but is also compatible with Unity 2020 and 2021.


The Unreal HoloSuite Player plugin allows for OMS playback in Unreal. The HoloSuite Player for Unreal also supports image sequence playback for enhanced timeline synchronization. The HoloSuite Player for Unreal supports Unreal 4.26, 4.27, and 5.0.


The HoloSuite WebPlayer is a Three.js based volumetric video player for the web. The HoloSuite WebPlayer supports being embedded in A-Frame, 8th Wall, Zappar, and any web platform that supports Three.js. The WebPlayer takes HoloStream .mpd links as an input. When uploading a HoloStream from HoloEdit, opening the preview URL generates a preview WebPlayer example.

For HoloSuite Player integration into additional platforms, please contact HoloSuite support.