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Quality Level:
Orbit: Left Mouse Button
Dolly: Right Mouse Button
Dolly: Two Fingers or Cmd+Mouse
Truck In/Out: Scroll Wheel


Our streaming solutions deliver volumetric content using extensions to industry standard streaming protocols. The same protocols that massive streaming content providers like Amazon Prime or Netflix use to deliver their content.

A true one-to-many solution, our solution is not limited to a specific location or amount of viewers, our streaming server works globally to any number of simultaneous viewers on any bandwidth level. And because we stream polygons, we are able to deliver 6dof and AR experiences. Each viewer will receive the best quality of the video at the best streaming rate their device can support to ensure continuous and smooth playback.

HoloStream currently supports:
  • Unity Engine
  • Unreal Engine
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Desktop Web Player
  • Mobile Web Player
  • Immersive Devices

Content on this page was produced with HoloSuite, our end-to-end volumetric production pipeline. Starting with HoloEdit for processing the volumetric captures, the volumetric video is delivered to any device by HoloStream. Volumetric captures seen on this page are provided by Crescent, Inc and TetaVi.

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