HoloStream Features

HoloStream is a high quality adaptive volumetric video streaming solution for mobile, web, desktop, and immersive headsets. Because we stream real 3D content directly to users, we are able to deliver 6dof and AR experiences with no stuttering when the user looks around. Our adaptive bit rate delivery provides the highest quality content at all network speeds by dynamically switching to the best available profile for speeds from fiber to 5G to LTE and back again. HoloStream is compatible with industry standard streaming protocols, giving you control of the final streaming product.

Web-based Viewing

Facilitates project review and approvals; makes shared content widely available; quick and easy volumetric video publishing

Built on CDNs

Global CDNs ensure the best viewing experience anywhere.

Multi-bitrate Technology

Patented multi-bitrate streaming technology detects and adapts to available bandwidth and device profiles.

Set Specific Number of Views

Optionally, target a fixed number of viewers to eliminate the possibility of overspending your daily or monthly view-minutes budget.


Select your subscription:

HoloStream Base Subscription (Monthly)
HoloStream Base Subscription (Annual)
$5,388 SAVE 10%
ANNUAL Subscription
HoloStream Encoding Per Minute
Encoding Per Minute


View Minutes

Add view minutes. If you have questions or are in need of a different View Minute package, please contact Sales.

HoloStream View Minutes Pay As You Go
pay as you go
HoloStream View Minutes 1000
View Minutes 1000
HoloStream View Minutes 10,000
View Minutes 10,000


Frequently asked questions

HoloSuite includes HoloEdit, a non-linear Volumetric Video processing suite, along with the OMS Player, for compressed volumetric video playback on a variety of platforms, and HoloStream, a real 3D adaptive streaming platform.

Documentation is available for all releases in the Learning section of this website.

Full written documentation for HoloEdit is available on the Learning page on this website.

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