Tools for the Modern Creator

HoloSuite is a capture agnostic platform that enables creatives to amplify, edit, and finesse volumetric captures to fit artistic and production goals. HoloSuite was built from the ground up specifically to edit and play volumetric video addressing the problem of laborious and costly manual tasks.

HoloSuite frees producers to focus on their creations instead of the tools; enabling them to fully capitalize on the true immersive and interactive nature of volumetric video.

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HoloEdit efficiently edits and compresses volumetric video. HoloEdit is the first non linear editor for volumetric video.

  1. Geometric Retouching
  2. Seamless Looping
  3. Integrations with Maya, Mari and other production tools
  4. Automatic rigging and cleanup
  5. Advanced Compression


HoloPlay delivers volumetric video within your experiences. HoloPlay is a native playback component for Unity, Unreal, WebGL and native SDK.

A unique advantage of HoloPlay is one constant playback interface for developers regardless of capture technology was used.


HoloStream provides streaming volumetric video to devices for uninterrupted longer experiences.

Who We Are

Arcturus is a technology studio that created HoloSuite, the only capture-agnostic post-production platform for volumetric video. It is the synergy of technology and creativity that enables compelling content. We apply our extensive experience at Pixar, Dreamworks, Google, and YouTube, to enable creators in pushing the boundaries of narrative and content.

Arcturus is the brightest star in the northern hemisphere and represents our mission; to create stellar experiences while helping others navigate extended reality.  


Andy Stack

President (Founder)

Andy draws on his experience as a former Googler and serial entrepreneur to build our company infrastructure and investor relationships as well as provide the crucial bridge between operations, business, and technology.

Prior to Arcturus, Andy was the product manager at YouTube responsible for launching monetization, analytics, payments, and reporting solutions for YouTube partners. In early 2015, he shifted his focus to creating YouTube’s initial VR content strategy, launching YouTube’s 360 video feature with top creator content, and leading production for the first stereoscopic 360 music videos with Google Jump technology. Prior to YouTube, Andy co-founded, grew and sold 3 media-tech companies after earning his Wharton MBA and Princeton electrical engineering degrees.

Ewan Johnson

Chief Product & Creative Officer (Founder)

As the product and creative lead at Arcturus, Ewan works directly with our engineers to help shape and deliver on our product promise as well as design and implement immersive volumetric video experiences for our clients.

Before co-founding Arcturus, Ewan worked in the animation industry from 1994 to 2015 with industry giants Pixar and Dreamworks. He contributed to digital staging and cinematography on multiple award winning and iconic movies including Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., and Madagascar. Throughout his career, he has led both creative design and pipeline development making him uniquely suited to guide our product development and our clients in this new technology.

Devin Horsman

Chief Technical Officer (Founder)

Devin is responsible for our technical strategy and leading our engineering and development teams in the production of software tools and client projects. 

Previously, Devin founded Twisted Oak, a think tank focused on 3D video and related technologies. Highlights include building the WITH.IN app (formerly VRSE), the first 360 video playback app that incorporated spatial sound, and SIGNAL, a secure communications platform that is now present in WhatsApp. He also built software for popular games such as Two Dots and Drawn to Death (PlayStation 4). In 2016, he was recognized on the Forbes “30 under 30” list for his contributions to 3D interactive development.

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