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HoloSuite Powers Volumetric Video.

Our tools and production workflows create the most compelling and interactive video content the world has ever seen.

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Tools for the Modern Creator

HoloSuite is a capture agnostic platform that amplifies, edits, and finesses volumetric captures to fit artistic and production goals. HoloSuite was specifically built to edit and play volumetric video; addressing the problem of laborious and costly manual tasks.

HoloSuite frees producers to focus on their creations instead of the tools; enabling them to fully capitalize on the true immersive and interactive nature of volumetric video.


HoloEdit is the first non linear editor for volumetric video. Efficiently edit and compress volumetric video using advanced features such as:

  • Geometric Retouching
  • Seamless Looping
  • Integrations with Maya, Mari, and other production tools
  • Automatic rigging and cleanup
  • Advanced Compression


HoloStream provides streaming volumetric video for uninterrupted experiences delivered on demand.

  • Adaptive Bit Rate supports ultra high quality playback on 5G while enabling distribution across existing LTE networks
  • No download required to experience content
  • Simple API for integrating streaming into Unity, Unreal, native apps, and the Web
  • Local caching for continuous playback

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Production services

From helping design and craft immersive initiatives, to selecting an optimal capture stage, through capture, design, production, compression, and delivery, our years of volumetric video production experience ensures our clients squeeze every ounce of value out of their projects.

Our producers, creative team, and engineers have extensive experience with a wide range of volumetric capture systems and their results. We are ideally suited to help our clients understand, strategize and benefit from the advantages that volumetric video offers.

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Who We Are

Arcturus created HoloSuite, the only capture-agnostic post-production platform for volumetric video. We apply our extensive experience at Pixar, Dreamworks, Google, and YouTube, to enable creators embracing the evolution of video.

It is the synergy of technology and creativity that powers compelling content.

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