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Arcturus and Docomo Partner

September 8, 2023

Arcturus Teams Up with Telecom Giant DOCOMO to Bring Volumetric Videos to 5G Mobile Devices.

Number one mobile phone operator in Japan buys volumetric video production tools to produce content for in-house use and solicits our services for a live streaming solution for their Annual Trade Show.

NTT Docomo Inc. is the predominant mobile phone operator in Japan. Docomo provides phone, video phone, i-mode, and mail services and is now expanding into volumetric video creation and distribution. They contacted Arcturus about helping them prepare a volumetric video presentation for their annual Docomo Trade Show, currently scheduled for March 2021. They needed a professional solution for producing their volumetric captures into an exceptional presentation of volumetric video technology to their customers, specifically enterprise level clients, who are looking for the next great thing on how to communicate and interact with their customers.


Demonstrate benefits of Volumetric Video. Docomo’s Annual Open House is in March 2021 and they want to highlight the “wow” factor that volumetric video provides. The demonstration will be in VR and in AR via Magic Leap devices.
Docomo’s internal resources must be used for the production. Because of sensitivity to some of the content being created, Docomo’s internal resources need to produce the content. They need a pipeline their team can quickly learn and trust.
Showcase a live streaming volumetric video solution. In addition to producing volumetric video for the event, Docomo was looking for a volumetric streaming solution.


Professional grade volumetric video post production tools. HoloEdit delivers volumetric video tools in a familiar package to 3D artists and non-linear editors.
Compression & Playability. Arcturus’ open standard allows significant reduction in size of the volumetric video while retaining visual quality, thereby enabling the volumetric video to fit on mobile devices, including Magic Leap. Streaming Solutions. HoloStream is built using the same protocols that the video streaming giants, like Netflix and Amazon Video, use to deliver high quality video, instantaneously, around the world. And because HoloStream streams polygons, it retains the ability to be interactive and deliver fully immersive experiences to consumers. Developing Live Streaming and further enhancing our streaming capabilities is a valuable addition to HoloSuite.


Docomo purchased four HoloEdit licenses with 10,000 HoloCompute hours. Arcturus worked with Docomo’s production and streaming teams to ensure a groundbreaking presentation of streaming volumetric video at the Docomo Open House in February 2021.

Docomo is sponsoring the development of a live streaming solution. Arcturus engineers are working towards delivering a live streaming solution.

Marketing and Partnership Inquiries: Piotr Uzarowicz Investment Inquiries: Kamal Mistry