Three ways marketers can benefit from volumetric video

New martech promises to capture attention and drive shareability.

When you think of the word "hologram," what's the first image that comes to mind? Most likely, it's something that feels futuristic and cutting-edge. Maybe you picture the jaw-dropping performance of multiple Madonnas at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards. Or perhaps your mind goes to the mesmerizing sci-fi holograms from Star Wars or Blade Runner.

That mesmerizing quality of holographic content is the reason why the advertising and marketing industries have been exploring it for over two decades. Although holographic content can technically refer to any content that uses light refraction, in modern marketing, most human holograms are created using volumetric video technology, sometimes referred to as volumetric capture or free point video. This involves individuals going to studios where their performance is recorded in 360 degrees, and using post-production techniques, turned into a 3D video asset that can be distributed across a variety of outputs including AR, VR, web or mobile apps.

Advantages of using volumetric video in your marketing

Attention-Grabbing: Volumetric characters possess a unique quality of surprise, which sets them apart. As of now, consumers do not interact with volumetric video in the same way they do with traditional forms of advertising such as Out of Home (OOH) advertising or social media marketing. Holding the attention spans of customers in these spaces has become a challenge for brands. However, volumetric video offers a visually striking medium that can captivate the attention of consumers, making them more likely to engage with the advertised product. If you come across a volumetric character today, you would likely pause and take a photo with it, unlike billboards or other forms of advertising. Given the constant search for attention-grabbing marketing techniques, volumetric video appears to be the solution.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G BTS Edition was a limited-edition smartphone launched by Samsung in collaboration with the popular Korean band, BTS. Samsung created a series of "BTS AR Emojis" that used volumetric capture technology to create 3D representations of the band members. These AR Emojis are naturally lifelike and more expressive than traditional 2D emojis, grabbing the attention of fans quickly.

Enhanced Engagement: Volumetric video is a game-changer in the world of advertising, offering a highly immersive and interactive experience that can captivate the attention of even the most jaded customers. As viewers move around and interact with the 3D representation, they feel a sense of excitement and involvement that is unmatched by traditional forms of advertising. This heightened sense of engagement makes it more likely that viewers will remember the product or brand being advertised, and take action. In short, volumetric video is a must-have tool for any brand that wants to enhance engagement and build stronger relationships with its audience.

Japanese retailer, ANAYI, incorporated volumetric video into its Spring fashion line released in 2021. Their website was transformed with the addition of [volumetric models that could be interacted with] ( on web and mobile, complemented by augmented reality codes to bring the volumetric models to wherever the consumer was. As a result, ANAYI saw a significant increase in engagement on their website, with traffic increasing by over 300% during the duration of the campaign. This not only helped to drive sales and increase brand awareness but also established ANAYI as a forward-thinking retailer. By creating a truly immersive and engaging experience for their customers, ANAYI has demonstrated that volumetric video has the power to transform the retail industry and elevate brands to new heights.

Memorable and Shareable: Volumetric video is unique and memorable, making it more likely to be shared on social media or discussed with others, thereby increasing the reach and impact of the marketing campaign. By creating content that is fun, surprising, or emotionally engaging, marketers can encourage viewers to share the experience with their friends and followers on social media. As the content spreads, it can generate buzz and increase the brand's visibility.

"Pose with the Pros" was a volumetric video experience created by the Dallas Cowboys in collaboration with several companies, including Arcturus. The experience took place at the Cowboys' AT&T Stadium and featured a custom-built volumetric video booth that allowed fans to pose alongside life-sized, 3D representations of their favorite players. Using a special camera rig, fans were scanned and their movements were captured in real-time, allowing them to appear alongside the players in the virtual environment. Fans were able to choose from a variety of poses and animations, and the resulting videos were shared on social media, creating a viral effect.

It was a groundbreaking example of how volumetric video can be used to create unique and immersive experiences that engage fans and generate buzz. It allowed fans to feel like they were part of the team and gave them a memorable and shareable way to connect with their favorite players.

Volumetric video: The future of marketing

As more brands recognize the benefits of incorporating volumetric video into their marketing campaigns we’re bound to see a significant increase in this type of material. The volumetric video market is projected to [grow by 29.3% by 2030] (, with the highest growth in North America and Asia.* This presents an immense opportunity for marketers in these regions to stay ahead of the curve and tap into this material now.

Aside from the expected growth, there is also a growing trend towards using volumetric video in personalization marketing in order to better connect to consumers and provide a more humanized customer journey. While this technology is still being developed for large scale use, it has been successfully launched in shorter journeys or branching narratives, with larger journeys likely to be driven by the gaming industry.

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