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High-quality real-time volumetric playback at scale

October 2, 2023

New features and improvements in HoloSuite 2023.1.

Artists face numerous challenges when crafting immersive worlds, from rendering delays and restricted real-time editing, to the lack of realism and fidelity in digital humans. That's why we're excited to introduce HoloSuite's latest feature set—an empowering solution that enriches virtual worlds with a bounty of visually-complex, volumetric characters. With seamless playback and the freedom to make real-time changes, the possibilities for storytelling are endless.

New premium feature set: Populate virtual worlds' with more volumetric characters than ever before (and with better quality)

HoloSuites’ release includes a new premium feature set. Accelerated Volumetric Video (AVV), the world's first high-performance, volumetric compression codec designed for speed and scalability. AVV delivers a superior decoding performance, enabling artists to create dynamic densely populated scenes featuring visually striking human characters, all with real-time playback. Iterate faster and unleash the full potential of virtual productions, games, and metaverse experiences. While currently compatible with Unreal Engine and Unity, efforts are underway to expand compatibility with other platforms in the near future.

Creators can also take advantage of two new stages in AVV that enhance visual fidelity. The first stage is texture analysis, which allows artists to build multi-resolution textures. This optimization technique improves rendering performance and visual quality by selecting the most suitable level of detail based on the character's size and distance from the viewer. The result is smooth and sharp characters without unnecessary performance resource allocation, reducing aliasing artifacts and ensuring consistent high visual quality across different viewing conditions.

Normals Transfer feature that brings greater realism and lighting flexibility to game-engine productions. By transferring detailed surface normals from a high-quality raw capture to the compressed result, characters can be dynamically relit to match their environment with precision. This technique greatly enhances the visual quality and fidelity of volumetric characters in rendered scenes, contributing to a more immersive and believable experience for viewers.

New users can choose to add-on this Premium feature set with their purchase, or upgrade their license down the road.

Preserve detail where it matters most

Say goodbye to sacrificing facial expressions and intricate nuances in your volumetric characters. Optimize Texture ensures that every emotion, wrinkle, and fine texture is retained, allowing you to achieve remarkable realism without compromising performance or resource efficiency.

New support for volumetric data processing

We're excited to offer another way to process your volumetric data! HoloSuite now supports volumetric processing through your existing Linux cluster. Whether you're dealing with large-scale volumetric data, complex simulations, or demanding computational workloads, our Linux Cluster Support ensures efficient distribution of processing tasks across the cluster, reducing processing time and improving productivity. Linux support is a custom feature, contact our sales team to learn if it's the right solution for you.

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