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Samsung embraces new martech with Arcturus

September 19, 2023

Samsung turns to volumetric video and Arcturus to deliver an “in-person” activation without actually being “live.”

In the spring of 2020, Samsung was preparing to launch its latest phone, leveraging BTS and large in-person activations to engage their global fanbase. Just as quickly as they made progress on their launch, Covid strikes and in-person activities disappear from marketing schedules. Despite the glum circumstances, the phone still needs to launch and BTS is still ready to promote it.

Samsung turns to volumetric video and Arcturus to deliver an “in-person” activation without actually being “live.” Fans go wild over the ability to place BTS singers in hologram form; air kissing, hugging, smiling, and dancing in their own environments.

Samsung, the global leader in electronics, possesses significant marketing muscle which permits them to launch products with innovative and grandiose plans. Over the last few years, Samsung has capitalized on growing global interest in Kpop; and working with BTS, planned several large in-person events around the globe to promote the launch of their newest phone, the Galaxy S20. However, Covid struck and with the ensuing global shutdowns and canceled public appearances, Samsung moved quickly to capitalize on the emerging power of volumetric video to give fans the feeling of BTS being in their space. Arcturus worked closely with the volumetric capture team and the ad agency in charge of the promotion and over a period of 6 weeks were able to record, render, process, and deliver the seven BTS members in volumetric form in time for the launch of the new phone.


Bring BTS directly to fans: How to satisfy an “in-person” feeling for a consumer activation during lockdown.

Tight deadlines: Original event had been planned for many months, with only 3 months before product launch, a massive shift had to occur on a condensed schedule.

Wide playback support: Activation had to live on an Android mobile device.

Enable social sharing: Required ability for fans to record and take pictures with BTS members.


Fan response was tremendous with thousands flocking to social channels to post clips of themselves and their friends with the BTS members while tagging the new Samsung device.

Accelerating the pace of technology adoption

Shifting from in-person events to personalized experiences at scale and across the globe shook the dust off tried and true marketing tactics, and brought a lot of emerging technology mainstream, such as augmented reality. This custom experience for each fan would have previously been limited to those able to attend the in-person events, creating a geographical limitation in helping brands form a connection with remote audiences.

Embrace the evolution of marketing

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