Your ally in pursuing the unexplored.

Cutting-edge technology requires an experienced team, let us show you the way. We can augment your existing team or deliver the entire experience.

Our Process

Let's create something great.

Our approach is never one-size-fits-all. From ideation to full delivery of high-quality volumetric video, we're a team of creatives, technologists and strategists ready to help you achieve your vision.

Volumetric Capture


AR/VR/web/game engines

Our Services

Tailored solutions for you. 

Project Ideation
& Development

Develop concepts that meet your strategic objectives.


Including project scheduling, art development, casting, hiring hair, wardrobe, makeup, and audio professionals. 


In-house volumetric capture services available or capture locally with one of our partner studios.


Build experience and deliver project for target outputs.


Deliver high-quality content to wherever your audience is with adaptive streaming.

Custom Engineering

World leading volumetric video engineers available for custom support.


Arcturus offers years of experience in assisting clients with their volumetric projects. From providing an extra set of hands to help edit and prepare footage for delivery, to custom engineering solutions, to full project ideation, development and production, Arcturus is available to support you however needed.

We have different solutions available depending on your location and needs. We recommend reaching out directly to discuss the location of your talent and we can provide insight into what is available. 

Step into the future of storytelling.

Let our tools and team show you the way.

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