Real People, Real Training: The power of Holograms in simulations

We deliver authentic digital doubles for accurate real-world training simulations, enhancing retention, and revolutionizing the way people learn.

Augmented Reality Experiences

Augmented Reality Experiences

As close to human interaction as you can get.

Volumetric video accurately replicates complex human interactions with every microexpression for maximum emotional engagement.

Freepoint viewing

Freepoint viewing

Keep learners immersed in their simulation.

Increase retention through encounters with continuous character action and eye-contact so the trainee never loses focus.

Virtual Reality Experiences

Virtual Reality Experiences

Simulate high-stress interactions in a safe environment.

Improve readiness and reduce risk in real-life emergencies by practicing decision-making, diffusion or de-escalation techniques under pressure.

Add real humans to your training simulations.

How NASA is using mixed-reality for astronaut training

Learn how NASA leveraged holograms for medical training while on deep space exploration missions.



While CG and cartoons might be a cost efficient approach, however high-stress or emotionally complicated situations benefit from volumetric video as it accurately replicates the real-life experience. Therefore increasing preparedness. 

Holograms are used across a broad area of training from corporate to medical to military and law enforcement. Its valuable to these areas because its a nuanced human representation, only possible with volumetric video. For exmaple, training law enforcement officers to spot the bad actor in a crowd. Similarly, medical professionals are using holograms to teach empathy in patient care.  Holograms are also used to simulate interpersonal scenarios for soft skills training, such as customer service or negotiation.

We have an end-to-end platform available for purchase which enables the playback of volumetric characters in game engines, headset, or the web. If you would like to experiment, please contact us for demo material.