New improvements in HoloEdit 2020

A summary of updates in HoloEdit version 2020.4.

New Features In 2020.4.1 Patch


Skeletonization and Performance Editing: Fixed issue with exporting skin binding data to Maya from HoloEdit. The addition of a "GenSkn" button in the HoloSuite Shelf in Maya. This will generate skin weights for all meshes in "Frames" and is the same process that occurs after "FBX Import" button.

Data Management: Fixed issue where new data wouldn’t be indexed by HoloEdit until relaunching. Fixed issue where workspaces on a shared network drive couldn’t be opened Tooltips are now implemented throughout the interface.

Fixed various Compare view UX bugs

Fixed various Inspector UX bugs

Fixed stage locking behaviors

Fixed Clear stage intervals functioning incorrectly

Fixed issue where segment markers wouldn’t be shown on data loaded from OMS files

Fixed issue where Copy and Paste Stage settings wouldn’t work