HoloSuite is your volumetric video post-production and streaming tool.

HoloSuite gives you the tools to edit, stream and play volumetric video into any spatial or 3D environment.


A capture-agnostic nonlinear editor to efficiently edit and compress volumetric video for professional grade results.

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An on-demand adaptive streaming solution for volumetric video delivering uninterrupted experiences at all network speeds.

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A high-quality playback solution with broad delivery capabilities, including Unreal, Unity, iOS, Android and headsets.

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These are the recommended hardware and software requirements to run HoloEdit. The software may run with degraded performance on lower spec machines. 

Processor - Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHz, 3401 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)
Memory - 16.0 GB 
Graphics - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
Network - 100 Mbps down / 100 Mbps up
Storage - 5 TB SSD / PCIe 4.0 nVME M.2

OS (Operating System) - Microsoft Windows 10 Home (Version 10.0.18362 Build 18362)
OpenGL - OpenGL 4.6
OpenCL - Open
MSVS-Redist - vc_redist.x64.exe.

The HoloSuite trial period is two weeks. During this time, you’ll receive recommended learning paths and support from our Customer Success team as needed. 

HoloSuite has an annual license of USD$3750. Included is all access to all basic HoloSuite products, including HoloEdit, HoloStream and HoloSuite Players. 500 HoloCompute hours are included to do your processing in the cloud, along with 5000 streaming minutes and five encode minutes. 

Discounts for educational institutions are available based on request. Contact our sales team to discuss further. 

HoloSuite enables content delivery to a wide range of platforms and devices, including augmented reality platforms 8thWall & Zappar, game engines Unreal and Unity, headsets and web.