Edit volumetric video.

HoloEdit is a non-linear editor designed to help you efficiently edit and compress volumetric video for professional grade results.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Elevate your visual output.

Remove unwanted noise and digital artifacts, generate or preserve normals, and optimize textures for high detail features.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Compress without quality loss.

Achieve up to 98% file compression with no discernible visual difference.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Fine-tune your performance.

Add 18 bones to your capture to enable head and limb retargeting. 

Nonlinear editing

Preserve your source data with a layered editing approach.

Local or cloud computing

Manage heavy computing through our cloud offering or your local Linux cluster.

Accelerated Volumetric Video (AVV)

Deliver high-quality characters at scale with our high-performance volumetric codec. (Premium add-on).

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HoloEdit is capture agnostic and works with all forms of volumetric data. Here's a table of our supported file formats.

We have a plug-in available for Maya that allows for texture retouching, adding props and more.

You are able to compute data locally on your own workstation. However, to quickly edit and process your data we recommend utilizing our remote processing server, HoloCompute, for more efficient parallel processing. For higher processing needs and if you have your own Linux cluster, there is an alternative option. Please speak with sales to determine which computing option is right for your needs. 

Premium features such as Accelerated Volumetric VIdeo (AVV) can be added with assistance of our sales team. If you decide to add this feature at a later date then your subscription sign-up, please contact our Customer Support team for assistance. 

Explore HoloSuite

Purchase HoloSuite and unlock access to a complete volumetric platform - all designed to help you create higher quality volumetric video faster.