Stream anywhere.

HoloStream is an on-demand adaptive streaming solution for volumetric video delivering uninterrupted experiences for viewers anywhere, no matter the network speed.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Built for scale.

Built on CDN's to reach millions of people, anywhere on the planet.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Stream to game engines.

Stream volumetric video directly into your favorite game engines, bringing characters to life in environmentslike never before.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Compatible with every device.

Stream to anyone with a mobile connection thanks to web-based viewing.

Complimentary stream minutes

Enjoy 5000 HoloStream minutes included in your annual HoloSuite license.

High-quality streaming on available bandwidth

Adaptive bitrate technology delivers seamless viewing that automatically adjusts to users network bandwidth.

Stream by consumption

By-the-minute pay model to avoid high costs with paying by view.

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HoloStream is not currently available to stream live events.

We currently have streaming support to stream into Unity.

View minutes are charged by the length of user consumption, not per view. This means if you have a five minute experience, but a viewer only watches one minute of it, you would be charged for the one minute of watching, vs the entire experience. 

Once you have completed editing your sequence and want to stream the result, you will need to encode the clip. One minute of encoding prepares one minute of content for streaming. A full license provides subscribers with five minutes of encoding and 5000 minutes of streaming.

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