Optimal results every time and other process improvements

HoloSuite 2023.2 includes wide-ranging improvements to enhance your processing and playback experience.

We’re thrilled to announce another update to HoloSuite, packed with features designed to elevate your volumetric video production experience. These enhancements range from simplifying workflow set up to achieving higher-fidelity playback. Let’s dive into the details!

New Processing Presets: Your guide to optimal results

Perfect for both those working towards new technical targets and individuals new to the software, Processing Presets ensure that you're on the right path for exceptional results every time. Based on your delivery output, presets simplify the order of stages and select ideal processing settings. Popup warnings for unsupported pathways have also been implemented to reduce error, complexity and compute time. Our aim is that this improves the useability of HoloSuite and makes it a more enjoyable experience. Learn more about how to utilize presets here.

Blend Feature Update: Smoother loops and enhanced reliability

Blend has officially moved out of Beta with a robust algorithm update, delivering improved accuracy and reliability. Blend can now handle more complex differences, such as blending different actors together or combining an actor in various clothing sets. The result? Smoother loops that enhance the continuity of your characters' actions, ensuring a more polished and professional final product. Review what you can accomplish with the Blend feature here.

Accelerated Volumetric Video: Artifact free playback

Premium users can now benefit from artifact free playback with new AVV stage Generate Motion Vectors, which can be used for motion blur inside Unreal Engine. To simplify exporting AVV we’ve also enabled multi-resolution export as the default export option.

A more enjoyable processing experience

In addition to new features and fixes, we’ve also delivered several quality of life and performance improvements to the HoloSuite Player to improve your experience. We recommend reviewing the release notes for a a full list of updates.

Existing customers can download the latest HoloEdit 2023.2 installer provided through email. If you have any trouble, please contact the support desk.

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