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From cut scenes to immersive gaming, Arcturus delivers authentic humans for games. With our comprehensive volumetric capture services, robust editing & compression toolset, and lightweight playback middleware, engage your community with performances that feel like they've stepped out of the real world.

Efficient production pipeline

Create faster, deliver sooner

Every step of our volumetric pipeline efficiently delivers lightweight, high-quality assets. Transition from tedious CG modeling to swift 3D performance capture. Arcturus slashes your production timeline without sacrificing quality. Book time at one of our studios today!

Industry-leading quality and compression

Industry-leading quality and compression

Realistic motion

From subtle gestures to emotive expressions, engage players with compelling personalities that look, move and feel like they've stepped right out of the real world. We deliver highly compressed assets with 8k textures for high resolution surface details.

Performant toolset

Performant toolset

Seamless compatability

Our software integrates effortlessly into game engines and development pipelines, with designated high-performance players and plug-ins to save you time and hassle. Tried and tested on both high-end and legacy devices wherever you entertain your audience.

Volumetric Capture

Our studios are found worldwide and ready to help you turn a performance - a person's expressions, movements, and emotions - into a distributable 3D asset.


Our codec enhances overall game quality through an optimized volumetric graphics solution. Achieve better playback on various hardware configurations, and add multiple characters without sacrificing performance.

Custom Solutions

Contact us to build your own volumetric pipeline, engineer custom solutions, complete post-production, or support your team wherever it's needed most.

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How Vertigo Games leveraged Arcturus to deliver The 7th Guest

Learn how volumetric video was used as NPCs in the VR remake of The 7th Guest.

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The time from shooting to receiving a final volumetric asset depends both on the complexity and length of the performance. A simple one-minute clip of a solo performer typically takes 5-7 business days to process the video feeds into a 3D asset, perform QA and touchups, loop the action, and compress for efficient delivery and playback. We recommend discussing your specific situation with us for a more accurate estimate.

We have dedicated SDKs for both Unreal and Unity, and we can stream anywhere to web players using Three.js and Babylon.js. Learn more about our playback and streaming capabilities. 

Hardware, scene complexity, and target FPS will determine how many volumetric humans can participate in a scene. In game engines like Unreal on a decent gaming PC, we've successfully tested up to 60 characters at 60 FPS, and some of our clients have reported many more than that. In headsets, we helped Vertigo Games achieve 6 characters at 60FPS in Quest 2. Each hardware target will change the number of supported humans, please contact us to discuss your delivery goals.

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